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WCR uses a two-stage review process. Editorial staff conduct a brief internal review to verify that submissions conform to the published guidelines and that the manuscript presents academic work not previously published. After determining that a submitted manuscript is appropriate for the journal, the manuscript will be reviewed. Manuscripts are subjected to "blind" review by at least two external reviewers. Steps are taken to ensure that author(s)' identities are not known. Authors should remove self-references from their manuscript. Manuscripts submitted by members of the Editorial Advisory Board may be evaluated by independent referees.

The review process generally takes approximately five weeks from the date of receipt of the manuscript. To ensure that the review and notification process proceeds smoothly authors should follow the submission guidelines.

Submission to WCR implies that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere, is currently or was previously placed on the internet, or that it is under consideration by another journal or publication outlet.

WCR publishes accepted manuscripts at this web site. The author(s) must sign a Copyright Agreement with WCR. Articles are available to all interested readers.

E-mail responses to articles published in WCR are also subject to peer review. WCR does not currently publish book reviews.

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