Western Criminology Review
Stuart Henry
San Diego State University
Christine Curtis
San Diego State University
Nicole L. Bracy
 San Diego State University

Editorial Staff





Nicole L. Bracy
Managing Editor San Diego State University editorwcr@gmail.com
Nicole Sherman
Assistant Editor University of California, Irvine editorwcr@gmail.com
Leana A. Bouffard
Jeffrey A. Bouffard
Consulting Editor Sam Houston State University lbouffard@shsu.edu
Sharon Chamard

Consulting Editor

University of Alaska Anchorage

André Rosay

Consulting Editor

University of Alaska Anchorage

Stephen Tibbetts Consulting Editor California State University,
San Bernardino
Gisela Bichler Consulting Editor California State University,
San Bernardino
Patrick Jackson Consulting Information
Technology Specialist
Sonoma State University


Paula Hammett Consulting Librarian Sonoma State University paula.hammett@sonoma.edu

Editorial Advisory Board

M. Lyn Exum — North Carolina
Noelle Fearn — Missouri
Hank Fradella — California
Craig Hemmens — Idaho
Laura J. Hickman — Oregon
Daniel Lee — Pennsylvania
Faith Lutze — Washington
Paul Mazerolle - Australia
Lisa Muftic - Georgia
Travis Pratt — Washington
Brian Renauer — Oregon
Paul Sparrow – England
John Worrall — Texas
John Vivian - Arizona

The Western Society of Criminology and the staff of the Western Criminology Review are grateful to Sonoma State University Library Faculty for their willingness to house and support the WCR.

The WCR is also grateful for the support of San Diego State University.

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