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Change of Journal Name and Mission

From January 1st, 2014, The Western Criminology Review (WCR) will chnage its name and editorial team becoming: The Journal of Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law and Society.

The Journal of Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society (CCJLS) is a peer-reviewed journal that builds on the mission of its predecessor, Western Criminology Review (WCR), by promoting understanding of the causes of crime; the methods used to prevent and control crime; the institutions, principles, and actors involved in the apprehension, prosecution, punishment, and reintegration of offenders; and the legal and political framework under which the justice system and its primary actors operate.

CCJLS publishes

  • theoretical and empirical research on criminology, criminal justice, and criminal law and society;
  • practice-oriented papers (including teaching/pedagogical issues);
  • essays and commentary on crime, law, and justice policy;
  • replies and comments to articles previously published in CCJLS or WCR;
  • book and film reviews; and
  • scholarly article reviews.
Historical and contemporary perspectives are encouraged, as are diverse theoretical and methodological approaches. 

welcomes submissions from scholars in the social sciences (e.g., criminology, psychology, sociology, political science), humanities (e.g., philosophy, cultural studies), law, public policy, social work, and the forensic sciences, so long as submissions concern criminology, criminal justice, or criminal law and society.  Although CCJLS is primarily aimed at academics (faculty and graduate students) in the social sciences, we seek to publish scholarship that is relevant for justice policymakers and managerial-level practitioners of the justice professions, including policing, institutional and community corrections, and criminal courts.  Accordingly, we encourage submissions that use methods which are accessible to a broad range of readers.  Thus, we are especially interested in manuscripts that use basic to intermediate statistical techniques, qualitative methods, or rhetorical analyses.

Please note that CCJLS is not a law review.  Manuscripts that address purely doctrinal issues of criminal law, criminal procedure, or criminal evidence should be directed to a law journal.  In contrast, manuscripts that address legal issues in criminal justice through a social scientific lens are not only welcome, but are strongly encouraged.  Socio-legal scholarship that concerns other areas of law, however, is not appropriate for CCJLS.
How to submit

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the journal's portal on Scholastica:

https://scholasticahq.com/criminology-criminal-justice-law-society (CCJLS)

All submissions should be formatted according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition (2009). All correspondence is conducted online to speed the review process. Due to the advantages of being an online journal, there are no page, color, or appendix restrictions. Additionally, authors may, at their discretion, include images (in .jpg. or .gif formats), as well as hyperlinks to web pages, source documents, You Tube videos, and similar multimedia materials on the Internet to take full advantage of the digital nature of the journal. Our evaluation process involves an internal review by editorial staff, followed by a blind assessment by two external reviewers. Inquiries about CCJLS should be directed to the editors: HenryF. Fradella, Aili Malm, and Christine S. Scott-Hayward, via email:

Please note that because WCR will publish its final edition in April 2014, that journal will not accept manuscripts after December 31, 2013. Authors who had planned to submit manuscripts to WCR should reformat their papers in APA format and then submit them to CCJLS via the Scholastica interface.

Note: this page was revised on 12-16-13.

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