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Volume 13, No. 2, August 2012

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Stuart Henry, Christine Curtis and Karen S. Glover
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Keynote Presentation

The Supreme Court Needs to Enter the 21st Century
      Erwin Chemerinsky

Feature Articles

Sex Offender Myths in Print Media: Separating Fact from Fiction in U.S. Newspapers
      Marcus A. Galeste, Henry F. Fradella, and Brenda Vogel

Incarcerated Sex Offenders’ Perceptions of Family Relationships: Previous Experiences and Future Expectations
      Richard Tewksbury and David P. Connor

Specifying the Dynamic Relationships of General Strain, Coping, and Young Adult Crime
      Jennifer L. Huck, Daniel R. Lee, Kendra N. Bowen, Jason D. Spraitz, and James H. Bowers, Jr.

Commentary and Call for Papers on AB 109

Realignment in California: Policy and Research Implications
      Barbara Owen and Alan Mobley




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