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Volume 14, No. 2, August 2013

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Stuart Henry, Christine Curtis and Nicole L. Bracy
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Special Issue: White Collar Crime
      Danielle McGurrin and Stuart Henry

Feature Article

White Collar Crime Representation in the Criminological Literature Revisited, 2001-2010
      Danielle McGurrin, Melissa Jarrell, Amber Jahn, and Brandy Cochrane

 Symposium on Gregg Barak’s Theft of a Nation

Theft of a Nation Symposium: Introduction
      Danielle McGurrin

An Economy Run by Criminals: Reflections on Gregg Barak’s Theft of a Nation
      Elliott Currie

The Importance of Integrating Victimology in White-Collar Crime: A Targeted Comment on Barak’s Analysis in Theft of a Nation
      Mary Dodge

Too Big to Jail
      Robert Tillman

 Corporate Crime and the Corporate Agenda for Crime Control: Disappearing Awareness of Corporate Crime and Increasing Abuses of Power
      Paul Leighton

The Extraordinary Relevance of Barak’s Theft of a Nation
      Michael J. Lynch

Commentary and Reflection

The Flickering Desires for White-Collar Crime Studies in the Post-Financial Crisis: Will They Ever Shine Brightly?
      Gregg Barak


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