Western Criminology Review  

Volume 5, No. 3, November 2004

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Published by the Department of Criminal Justice, California State University, San Bernardino
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Julie Wartell, Elizabeth Groff, & Deborah Lamm Weisel

Guest Co-Editors of Special Issue:
Environmental Criminology & Crime Analysis
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Feature Articles      

The Unspecified Temporal Criminal Event: What is Unknown is Known with Aoristic Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression
      Martin A. Andresen and Greg W. Jenion

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Who Commits Near Repeats? A Test of the Boost Explanation
      Kate J. Bowers and Shane D.

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Crime on Public Transport: 'Static' and 'Non-Static' (Moving) Crime Events
      Andrew D. Newton

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Conference Proceedings      

Environmental Criminology & Crime Analysis
12th International Symposium, July 1-4, 2004.
Hosted by the New Zealand Police








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